Video Marketing for the Food & Beverage Industry

Instagram is paving the way as one of the most influential social media channels. What made it so popular? Food… The “share culture” is ripe with showing off their experience and the one experience people from all walks of life can relate to is food. The only thing better than a picture of a great beer or meal is sharing the experience through video. When the right video marries cinematic style with the right narrative or storytelling, then you have the power of influence for your customer to identify with your brand

The Problem

Halyard Brewing Co. was just launching their brand and needed to build awareness on all fronts. Kenny Richards (Founder) of Halyard Brewing had all the right elements in place. They had a great brand identity and a truly unique product, craft alcoholic, prohibition style, ginger beer. The location of their brewery provided challenges with walk-in traffic — they were hard to find. Organic Traffic to their website and social media also wasn’t enough to help sell their brand as soon as their distributors had their products on the shelf. Potential customers were going to need a reason to pick it up. This is where White + Joyal Creative came in.

The goal was to grow Halyards Audience overall. For marketing to work, you need to have an audience. Growing an audience is the most difficult task for most businesses. 

In the era of the Vermont Microbrew industry, telling Halyard’s unique story was extremely important. We then tapped into their strongest viral component, lifestyle and brand narrative. 

This was the first time Halyard Brewing Co. had done any audience growth campaigns through Facebook and Instagram. As effective as those are, companies can be wary of the ROI. To grow your audience that fast in preparation for a product launch, it can be costly if the company doesn’t hire an expert or have the expertise. 

Our Solution

Performance can be tough to measure at this stage and with little audience engagement to start. W+J set goals to measure their success against. With our previous experience, W+J felt there could achieve an overall goal of a 20% increase in their audience growth. W+J set out to collect the branded narratives to match the outdoorsy nature of the brand. We used early insights to predict and focus Halyard’s digital audience. Once the audience showed the right level of engagement, W+J increased the content.


Increased Website Traffic


Increased Social Media

Video Views for .02/View

The Result:

We were able to significantly increase their audience growth and purchasing power for their product 10X our previously established goal. Our viral, focused content paid off.  It also established Halyard Brewing Co.’s social media presence for them to build off organically. Followers and potential customer now have a baseline expectation of the content they will receive from Halyard Brewing Co. 


Increased Overall Audience

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